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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Is been a long time.

It has a been a long time, just over two years since I last posted. A lot has happened.  My health is up and down and with working full time, it meant I did not do as much sewing as possible. I also signed up for open university, do a degree in Business and Management over six years, which I have just about completed year two.  

Number of things happened, we lost my wonderful mother in law unexpectedly last year, and as you may have gathered my son was so close to her, which he is still struggling to deal with. He also started school last year, which was an also big change for him. He has bloomed at school though despite things, and now enters primary two in August. My baby is growing up, and hopefully he will come to terms with his granny’s death soon.  We did buy some books which have helped, although one does talk about going to sleep and not waking up, so we just skip that part just in case it causes problems, but as my son is learning to read, I am sure we can’t ignore it for long!!

I am now the proud owner of an embroidery machine, which I love! Made two items, which I love, and can’t wait to expand and make the sewing more interesting.  I have started making pillow beds and have an idea to sew a skull design on one of them in glow in the dark thread! Ohh  can’t wait.

I have also started making pillow case beds which are fantastic, and they are selling well. They make great guest beds and can be folded and stored away easily.  They are made with brand new pillowcases, and just recently sewn up some brushed cotton starry fabric, looks fab.  The ideas I have are amazing.


On the job front, still in the same job, but hoping to move to part time and promotion soon!  There will also be a house move next year for us, with a hope I can get a sewing room! Have seen some houses that have sheds that have been converted for use, it would be fab if we could get a house like that or an attic room.  

At the moment we are on holiday, at a wonderful place in Ashington, just outside of Newcastle. Hoping the weather holds, and hope to make a trip to Newcastle and Newcastle football ground! 

Toy making also stalled, but again hoping to get back into, also getting back into making cards again and got a go press and foil machine, as well as a todo, so have been buying dies (shhh don't tell anybody!!)

 Happy holidays


Monday, 18 April 2016

Ce Testing journey

I thought I would blog about my ce teasing journey in making the dolly slings and carriers safe for children.

When I started looking into it, I got very overwhelmed with it all, but by joining groups and paying for membership, it has been a good journey and a steep learning curve!

I joined CE marking group, and paid for their CE pack, there is another place that you can get the pack slight cheaper but found this is most comprehensive.

Number 1. Make a master copy of the CE pack, this means you can reuse again and again with out having to buy each time. In certain documents I have also made a master with details that will remain the same. Saves time retyping!

Number 2. Read and read and read until dizzy in head! After a few times, you start to understand the process.

Number 3. Gather your equipment. I looked around the house and found we had things like wooden spoons, lighter (for candles), my phone has a stopwatch, camcorder, jute bag for holding weights, magazines to use as weights, washing up bowl for the soaking test (we just replaced our old one, so kept it solely for that purpose). The only thing I had to buy was luggage scales, I got digital set from my local supermarket and read out the weight reading, but have since got a set of the old fashioned kind.

Number 4.  Don't panic when starting!  By doing it in steps and doing it slowly it then becomes clearer. I found that there is no clear guidance for dolly carriers/slings but hopefully with the help from the groups, I got there.

Number 5. Certificates! This is where the expense can mount up. You need certificates for majority of the material used, there is some exceptions, if you are in groups they will charge a nominal amount for you to purchase, but once you have it, you can copy and paste to other items you make. You use due diligence on using fabric for the same manufacturer which can help, testing the fabric yourself can cost £60 and the groups will have recommendations of the testing houses.

Number 6. Burning your toy!  It is scary after all the work you have put in, but it is essential. You will need somebody to help you in order to film you doing, in fact another person with you is good, even for moral support.  The flash testing is done differently, I made up a square 20 cm by 20cm and then sewed it in format I would be using, and then laid it on a metal tray and set fire to it. 

Number 7.  Paperwork and paperwork tons of it.  I keep a USB stick that solely has the CE testing information on it as a backup, but you also have to keep a paper copy of the CE markings and I copy all the pictures and videos onto a DVD. Some say don’t keep the flash testing fabric or the sample, but I do, this way if a check in needed, it is there.

Number 8.  CE labels.  Emmmm easy you think, no.  There is certain information that has to be on it, along with your contact details (name, house number and postcode is fine) along with the CE mark.  You can also add any warnings etc.  I printed mine on card and then tagged them onto the product.  You also have to put batch numbers on them as well, this is so it is traceable if any fault occurs and you know who you sold your product to.

If you want to incorporate the label in your product you have to remember to test the product with the label in.

And if it passes all the tests, then you have a product, and you will feel very proud when it goes on sale and you can say, yes they are CE certified.

As more and more people become aware that any toy that has play value you have to CE certify your product, whether it is knitted, crochet or sewed.  Some craft shows will even ask you if your products are self-certified before they will allow you a stall.

Just ask if you need any help or assistance.


Friday, 15 January 2016

Hands Up.....

If you put blue fabric in the washing machine with light coloured fabric, and it turned blue. Yes that would be me then. Can't believe I did it, so one trip to Hobbycraft to get replacements (and more!!) and trying to track down the mini cupcake bolt, so if you have any ideas on how to get that dye out, please let me know.

How was your Christmas and New Year?? I finished my main job on Christmas Eve, and been off since, although I am now back.  Had a slight accident the week before Christmas and have been hobbling since…

Made these cute bow cushions which are for sale on Esty, my wee boy thinks they are dog bones, and tries to eat them (don't ask about the dog thing!). They are very quick to make and uses fat quarters.

In the final stages of testing my new dolly carrier, and should be sorted hopefully in a couple of weeks.

I made a candy cane wreath for the door, but my wee boy, broke it, so had to do a second one and got that hanged on the door. Now broken up in a box, with the intention that I might make biscuits and melt the candy cane into them! Trying not to eat the bits :-)

I made a new lunch bag, but I managed to get insulating material in between so should keep the food hot or cool!

I am still doing card making but not doing much, but I do offer a wedding service, so if you have got engaged, then get in touch and see what I can offer.

Kay x